Over the past few years, Healthy Homes Hamilton – Betta Property has become an established and popular real estate agency for people looking to buy, sell or rent their dream home. The business was started by Jon Anderson and Mark White in 2021 with the intention of building a network of local real estate agents who would meet and share ideas on how to make their services more competitive and effective. Now Healthy Homes Hamilton is a successful company that not only looks after those looking to buy, but also offers advice and information on real estate, which may prove to be invaluable to potential buyers and residents. One of the most important aspects of Healthy Homes is that all agents working for them adhere to a strict code of conduct, which ensures the high standards that have been established. Why Should You Buy Or Rent a Home in Hamilton? The main office of Healthy Homes Hamilton is based in Hamilton, Newries (NEC), but agents are also based across the country. Although Hamilton is home to many people who want a home away from home, the surrounding areas are relatively compact. The streets and roads are generally safe, unlike neighbouring townships and cities, and there are also a number of green zones that offer excellent, secure environments for families and young professionals alike. The two main neighbourhoods in Hamilton are Fife and St Kilda – both of which are renowned as recreational areas. In addition to housing the Healthy Homes brand, the company also offers homes and other property for sale within the two communities. If you live in Hamilton and are looking to buy or rent a home, it is essential that you take the time to check out Healthy Homes Hamilton – your local real estate agent will be able to give you unbiased information about the property and the surrounding area. You will also be able to compare Hamilton with neighbouring communities, so you can see just how close it is to the amenities and local schools – and whether it would be better to buy or sell. With a variety of different houses and apartments to choose from, you can easily find a house or flat where you feel at ease and comfortable. It is a very easy decision when it comes to choosing a new home in Hamilton – it’s far better to wait than rush into the process.

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