4×4 Shop – The Best Place to Buy Off-Road Modifications A 4×4 shop is the place to go for a full off-road modification. The specialists can cut and weld custom pieces to suit your needs, such as a lift kit for more ground clearance for trail rides. Roof racks are another popular 4×4 accessory. These provide much-needed protection for your vehicle’s front-end from roos and other wild animals. Getting Started The first thing to do when setting up an online 4×4 shop is to know your audience. People who buy these types of products are typically very particular and want to make sure that they’re getting quality. This is especially true if they’re hardcore off-road hobbyists. While it’s easy to get swept away by fancy upgrades, don’t forget that practicality is key when it comes to rock crawling. For example, you’ll need good tires designed for off-roading to handle the rough terrain. If you find yourself stuck in mud or sand, a high-lift jack can come in handy. Be sure to choose a model that is rated to lift four or five times the weight of your vehicle. This will ensure that your recovery is safe and quick. Off-Roading Equipment Whether your off-roading hobby takes you across sand dunes, riverbeds, or rocky mountain trails, you’ll want to ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the right equipment. A 4×4 shop is your best bet for obtaining the parts and accessories you need to get you through any terrain. They specialize in modifying 4×4 vehicles and understand the ins and outs of off-road driving better than your local mechanic, so when you’re looking to add a lift kit and need a new set of tires to go along with it, let them help you select the perfect options. They’ll also make sure your modifications are done correctly, so you don’t end up with a vehicle that won’t drive properly or will damage itself when it crosses a rock. Bull Bars Bull bars are the most popular and widely used 4×4 accessories. These burly steel or alloy hoops mount to your vehicle’s front end to offer protection from brush, wildlife and the careless actions of other drivers (or wild shopping carts). The style and material you choose will depend on your driving habits and needs. For example, if you’re going on long-distance drives through bushland you might want to consider a double-hoop design that will give the best protection against kangaroo collisions. Other features you may be looking for include winch compatibility, lights, and mounting points for other accessories. You’ll also need to ensure your bull bar is airbag compatible and will work with modern safety systems that rely on sensors up front. Depending on the style you pick, it can add 30 to 80kg to the front of your car, so think about whether your vehicle is ready for this extra weight. Also keep in mind that some styles replace cross-members and may require trimming of other parts to make room. Roof Racks When you have a roof rack, the ability to haul bikes, luggage, tools or other gear expands. These systems keep the load off the rear of your vehicle and away from your passengers, improving your fuel efficiency and reducing the risk of injury or damage in the event of an accident. Many truck, van and SUVs have raised factory side rails on the roof that can be adapted to support a rack system. Depending on the manufacturer, these may require a fit kit for a proper installation. Others – such as the Rhino Rack Vortex or Whispbar systems – are built for specific vehicles and mount directly to those roof rails with no need for additional fitting kits. There are also a number of standalone, clamp-style roof rack systems like the BASE Rack or Pioneer system. These are simple, affordable and easy to install. They use a base with legs that clip to the door jambs and a set of crossbars. These are ideal for the budget-minded consumer who does not need the extra features that come with a more complete tower/crossbar system.

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